Leverage the Extensive Expertise of EMC’s Professional Team

With a wealth of experience garnered over four decades of successfully completed projects, EMC’s engineers and technologists provide innovative design solutions tailored to the demands of evolving development landscapes. The team specializes in the comprehensive design of municipal services, starting with the initial steps of creating preliminary servicing concepts, right through to the completion of final development designs. The team ensures that each development aligns with the unique needs of the municipality involved, all while adhering to the budget constraints of the developer.

A major advantage of partnering with EMC is our solid and productive relationships with Municipalities, Provincial Ministries, and Conservation Authorities. This strong network expedites the design approval process, ensuring your project stays on track and is completed efficiently.


  • Land Development Engineering: Transforming landscapes into landmarks.
  • Development Feasibility Studies: Assessing possibilities, maximizing potential.
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Final Servicing Reports: Comprehensive documentation for your peace of mind.
  • Site Servicing Planning and Engineering: Tailored for residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional developments.
  • Master Plans: Your blueprint for success.
  • Primary Servicing Projects: Fundamental infrastructure meticulously designed.
  • Project Inventory and Analysis: An in-depth look at your project’s big picture.
  • Local Improvements: Enhancing communities, one project at a time.
  • Municipal Servicing Design: Integrated solutions for public services.
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Site Plan Servicing Design: Customized strategies for diverse sectors.
  • Grading Plan Design: Ensuring stability and precision.
  • Water Distribution System Design: Sustainably delivering life’s essential element.
  • Sanitary Drainage System Design: Safeguarding health through robust engineering.
  • Storm Drainage System Design: Preparation and protection against nature’s unpredictability.
  • Storm Water Management Analysis and Pond Design: Strategic planning for resilience and sustainability.

Partner with EMC today for a holistic approach to your engineering challenges, ensuring timely, efficient, and high-quality results.