Contract Administration


Boost Your Project’s Success with EMC

Entrust your projects to the capable hands of EMC’s contract administrators, a team that tirelessly upholds your budget constraints while stringently meeting project specifications. Using the approved engineering design as a blueprint, our Contract Administration team will adeptly manage the procurement process, deliver on-site supervision and inspection during site servicing, and professionally handle the contractor’s claims for payment.

When a project reaches completion, EMC’s Contract Administrators and Project Managers step in to facilitate the process with the municipality. Our priority is to ensure the completed subdivision is operational at the earliest possible date, minimizing financial implications for the developer.

EMC’s team of professional engineers and technical staff are dedicated to the timely and budget-compliant completion of each project, strictly adhering to the agreed contract documents.

    • Preparation and Tendering of Works for Construction: Tailoring solutions for each project.
    • Awarding of Contracts to Servicing Contractors: Ensuring suitable and reliable partnerships.
    • General Administration of Contracts: Professional management for smooth operations.
    • Coordination of Field Construction Activities: Overseeing work on the ground for seamless execution.
    • On-Site Inspection of Services Installation: Maintaining high standards through close scrutiny.
    • Site Grading Control and Inspection: Guaranteeing precision at each stage.
    • Quality Control of Construction Activities: Upholding the highest standards of workmanship.
    • Maintaining Cost Control Over Contracted Servicing: Diligent monitoring to stay within budget.
    • Processing of Payment Certificates: Ensuring accurate and timely settlements.
    • Processing Lot Grading Certificates: End-to-end management of regulatory documentation.
    • Certification of Completed Works for Release of Letters of Credit: Formalizing project completion for financial procedures.
    • Expediting Completed Subdivision Assumption Proceedings by Municipality: Accelerating processes for transfer of responsibility.
    • As-Constructed Documentation: Detailed reporting for transparency and quality assurance.

    Choose EMC for a well-orchestrated, professional approach to your project management needs.